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I am Danielle Hogan, an interdisciplinary artist, writer, curator and practice-informed researcher with a Ph.D. from the University of New Brunswick.  I live in Fredericton, a city that sits on traditional unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik and Mi’kmaq peoples.

I am the founding director of the intersectional feminist Gynocratic Art Gallery, or The GAG (  My  work is deeply inspired by networks of care among and across communities of women – “women’s work” – and I am an artist who is inspired by all things textile, and that thrives on thrifting and knitting.
My research embraces craftivism, DIY, women & gender studies broadly, in addition to other social justice issues.  My doctoral dissertation investigates the negative effects of femaffect on textiles in art.  In 2016, I coined the term ‘femaffect’ – a word that specifically addresses an affect (or feeling) that has been feminized, either intentionally or unintentionally.  In my research, I study the effects of femaffect on women and other members of LGBTG2+ communities, as it relates to their use of textiles in visual art.
I am the artist/curator of WATCH OUT, an exhibition, making, and events residency at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery (from January 8th to February 9th 2018, you can read more at Currently I am also editing a book on the work of weaver Nel Oudemans, in addition to curating an interrelated exhibition, which will open in January of 2019 at UNB’s Memorial Hall.
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