Just Making It (Visible)

This is a new body of work that I’ve made in clay. It responds to the feminist theorist’s responsibility to fill in the gaps within academic research – to make visible that which has been historically overlooked.   I want to make visible some of ‘the gaps’ the textile research. These piece speak to invisibleContinue reading “Just Making It (Visible)”

Gutters/Selvage/Salvage; or, ‘To Be Honest’..

I may be repeating myself out of insecurity, but the purpose of this blog is not one of navel-gazing per se, but rather to record my research process as I work through my doctoral project (though admittedly the two may appear indistinguishable some days). I have a motive to offer – if, and where possible – anyContinue reading “Gutters/Selvage/Salvage; or, ‘To Be Honest’..”

‘Textile Hive’ – an amazing resource!

Textile Hive (click here, and don’t miss checking out their app!) “The scope of the material in the textile design archive reflects my various curiosities over the decades. I rarely passed up an opportunity for a new technique or a handmade piece of unknown origin. What had began as a personal study collection became so muchContinue reading “‘Textile Hive’ – an amazing resource!”

Mothers making art, and The Maternal in art

This beautiful work, created using media historically though of as ‘craft’ and therefore set apart somehow from the traditional art world,  is by Ontario artist Mary Kroetsch and takes the subject of mothers and daughters. A wonderful piece.  (detail) The following are two brilliant pieces by the late iconic artist Louise Bourgeois. Image no 1 is titled ‘The Woven Child’Continue reading “Mothers making art, and The Maternal in art”

Here is the video I created as part of my talk for InSEA!

Please note that when the audio concludes at 6 min:39 sec it is from that point on that, in person, I delivered the written portion of my paper while the silent images changed on the screen. It is not a technical error 🙂