A long, hot knit to (the) finish!

While I wait to hear about my dissertation from UNB, I have been spending time with my children at my husband’s family cottage near Fredericton. The weather here is hot and my children are happy that I am no longer married to my computer. We’re playing, “frogging”, swimming, snacking, and I knit on my finalContinue reading “A long, hot knit to (the) finish!”

School’s out for summer..

Here’s to another round of late nights, camping, marshmallows, canoeing, sprinklers and sunscreen! (love) ..and a little bit of “magic” thrown in given that their birthdays happen over the summer. SLOW DOWN Here’s to you You were pink or blue And everything I wanted Here’s to you Never sleeping through From midnight till the morning HadContinue reading “School’s out for summer..”