A Handmade Assembly

Big thanks to The Owens Art Gallery and Struts Gallery/Faucet Media Arts Center in Sackville New Brunswick for inviting me to deliver the closing address at A Handmade Assembly this weekend. The Assembly is an event co-hosted annually by the Owens Gallery and Struts/Faucet in Sackville NB. Check it out in greater detail here.

The Fortress, down but not over

Made by Hand KNOT by “Anonymous” A huge thank you to Struts & Faucet Gallery and my co-exhibitors Jerry (Jer y) Ropson, and Christine Comeau for the wonderful opportunity to exhibit alongside you. I want to extend a special thank you also those who participated in my recent work in Sackville. I am thrilled with the conversations we had,Continue reading “The Fortress, down but not over”

The Fortress, ‘From where I Stand’ @ Struts Gallery

Thank you to Struts & Faucet Gallery in Sackville NB for such a fantastic week installing From Where I Stand. It was wonderful tonight to have to opportunity to talk to people about Making, and to learn from each person’s unique perspective and experience – I’m going home tomorrow that much richer for the experience andContinue reading “The Fortress, ‘From where I Stand’ @ Struts Gallery”


I thought that I would share my piece, freshly completed this afternoon, for The Sweetest Little Thing. That’s the 2015 fundraiser for Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre. The silent auction takes place on Valentine’s Day in Sackville New Brunswick, and all works can be viewed ahead of time on line at The Sweetest Little Thing “My Great-Her” 2015 byContinue reading “Great-Her”

Last weekend was a busy one….

How did I miss all three of these events? (…maybe it’s time I handed this Literature Review Exam in and pulled my head out of the sand to have a look around. wink!) I am posting links to A Handmade Assembly, a collaboratively hosted event by Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Center and the OwensContinue reading “Last weekend was a busy one….”