T’ill the next adventure..

But first.. (this was just too good to save for myself!) These are bathroom door markers from a cafe we ate at in Sitges. So, back to the subject of my last post about art in the streets (more, and more, and more) of Barcelona.. (I certainly become somewhat of a ‘#Graffitizombie’ over the last threeContinue reading “T’ill the next adventure..”

Sitges, Catalonia

A very dear friend to me since middle school, Jennifer, has arrived in Barcelona so that we can spend a few days together seeing the sights before we both have to head back to Canada next week. It is completely trilling to have her here! Today we took a complete holiday from the studio in order toContinue reading “Sitges, Catalonia”

La Festa Gracia (preparing out on the street now, it’s getting so close!)

I am so grateful to Mireia at JIWAR for introducing me to the wonderful community of residents in and around Berga. The sum total of my Spanish language capabilities is “Gracia” (thank you), “Sin bolsa” (‘no bag’ from trips to the grocery store..), “Vale, vale” (‘ok, ok’ you hear this a lot when people are carryingContinue reading “La Festa Gracia (preparing out on the street now, it’s getting so close!)”

Preparing for Fest Major de Gracia – Berga

 (unknown festival photographer) So if you aren’t living in Barcelona, and/or spent time here in late August you might be wondering just what is this Fiesta de Gracia that I am so excited to have the privilege of  helping to “preparing for”..? (*And just before you read on, I need to tell you that nextContinue reading “Preparing for Fest Major de Gracia – Berga”

Off to Barcelona

Later this evening, will get on a plane from Montreal bound for Barcelona. I’ll be attending a two week residency at JIWAR. In some ways, I’ve been waiting over 15 years for certain aspects of this trip.. Please know – I don’t speak Spanish. I play the guitar – poorly. I only sing in the showerContinue reading “Off to Barcelona”