Gutters/Selvage/Salvage; or, ‘To Be Honest’..

I may be repeating myself out of insecurity, but the purpose of this blog is not one of navel-gazing per se, but rather to record my research process as I work through my doctoral project (though admittedly the two may appear indistinguishable some days). I have a motive to offer – if, and where possible – anyContinue reading “Gutters/Selvage/Salvage; or, ‘To Be Honest’..”

The ‘sum total’ of my research..

(If theory, could be a mathematical equation, then the solution to my dissertation question would be as follows..) “The (gender) of the artist matters” Parker & Pollock, (1981). Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology, London, Routledge p.50. + (plus) I work in tapestry primarily for its materiality and its capacity to shift within traditions, to shuttleContinue reading “The ‘sum total’ of my research..”

Tate Modern conference – ‘Creative Scholars: Research Economies in Art and Design’

The link below is to paper presentations and a panel discussion held at the Tate Britain in 2008. The one day conference was titled Creative Scholars: Research Economies in Art and Design and despite the age of the talk I feel that for those of us engaged with, or interested in, Practice-Led research (or simply ‘Research’Continue reading “Tate Modern conference – ‘Creative Scholars: Research Economies in Art and Design’”