Racing, reset, re:, re: re..

March break is over and now it’s back to the books, and there is so much to do. Currently I am waiting to hear back regarding my most recent comprehensive exam results, working on my thesis proposal (the next official step in my doctoral work), creating a small series of portrait paintings, two books of ‘paint-outs’,Continue reading “Racing, reset, re:, re: re..”

Thank you Lori P Photography!

Please have a look at the new images taken by photographer Lori Quick – Lori P Photography – on the main page of my personal website! I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough! She’s kind, professional, incredibly creative! Check out her website here! Thanks Lori! xo, dh

Curious about Practice-Led Research?

As I continue to read for my Methodology comprehensive exam, I wanted to take a moment and share this piece with you. I believe this video from Swinburne University in Melbourne Australia does an excellent job of outlining the basic philosophies of Practice-Led Research (PLR). It addresses how the methodology (or perhaps, simply, the method)Continue reading “Curious about Practice-Led Research?”


I thought that I would share my piece, freshly completed this afternoon, for The Sweetest Little Thing. That’s the 2015 fundraiser for Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre. The silent auction takes place on Valentine’s Day in Sackville New Brunswick, and all works can be viewed ahead of time on line at The Sweetest Little Thing “My Great-Her” 2015 byContinue reading “Great-Her”

Kate Just: visual artist, feminist, academic

I was excited and inspired recently to not only discover the work (art/academic) of Australian visual artist Kate Just but to reach out and connect with her.  Her work is thoughtful, smart and sensitive and I encourage you to check it out. Knit on my friend! Kate Just is currently a lecturer in the SchoolContinue reading “Kate Just: visual artist, feminist, academic”

Maker Helen Carnac – ‘Taking Time’

This weekend, make some time to just enjoy! Helen Carnac Carnac’s talk as part of the 2013 Norwegian Craft conference. Projects: MAKING A SLOW REVOLUTION TAKING TIME: INTELLIGENT TROUBLE SIDE BY SIDE In this video [below] the artists are actually performing some of the ideas they’ve explored.