How to deliver the Literature Review Quilt to my committee members?

As I near the time when my literature review will need to be distributed to my committee members I am faced with the challenge that there though an infinite number of copies may easily be made of the written response to the exam, there exists only one quilt (to be distributed amongst three adjudicators). Even […]

A knit timeline of my personal influences, revelations, and creations in craft

This timeline will go at the front of the written portion of my literature review to demonstrate my personal influences. A visual read of this time line begins is in the bottom left corner with a pink sweater-set, knit by my maternal grandmother Ruby Sercerchi, through the many pieces which I inspired me as I […]

Lady Gaga = The Literature Review Quilt’s second movable piece

This is just a quick note to share my progress on the quilt’s latest element, it’s the second hankie belonging to my paternal grandmother which I mentioned last week. I am embroidering onto the hankie certain style elements connoting the contemporary icon of intersectionality – Lady Gaga. The first element that I have completed is […]

My intention is to suggest many evolving narratives within the literature review quilt.

A few months back my mother gifted me two hankies that belonged to my paternal grandmother. One is cream with matching coloured embroidery around the edges, and the second is a light yellow with the same design of embroidery around each side in a lavender colour. For the longest time, I had no idea what […]