Sweet marmalade/sweater..

(…thinking about ‘affect’, what it is when it happens – and the colour of marmalade.) Today I also discovered and fell in love with this beautiful, messy, long-form, poem by Canadian poet ‘Alasia’… Alasia Canadian (1997- ) Sep 13, 2016 Star Marmalade Good people and bad things run through meadows and storms hand in hand, theContinue reading “Sweet marmalade/sweater..”

Doilies invade Lexington Ave.?

This is a photo of the shirt featured on the designer responsible for the recent updates to The Lexington Ave. Hotel in NYC (embarrassingly, I didn’t jot down her name – my apologies to her, and to you). Her renovations are featured in a magazine provided by the hotel my husband and I stayed inContinue reading “Doilies invade Lexington Ave.?”

Stitch’n’n Knit’n with Debbie Stoller

image by Banksy Please meet knitter Debbie Stoller, she also happens to be co-editor of Bust Magazine and the author of the Stitch’n Bitch series of books on knitting and contemporary knitting culture and holds a holds a Masters in psychobiology and a PhD in the psychology of women, both from Yale University, but youContinue reading “Stitch’n’n Knit’n with Debbie Stoller”