Open Studio at JIWAR

Last evening we had an open studio at JIWAR to share what we have been up to here in Catalan. It was a hot evening, with the weather threatening thunder, all in all very ‘Spanish’ feeling! We were not expecting a huge number of people as August is typically the time when stores close andContinue reading “Open Studio at JIWAR”

‘Charades’ in Catalana!

Oh my, I’ve had such a fantastic day today! Most of these photos are pretty self explanatory; we are to the point now of installing the street ‘ceiling’ of sorts on Berga Street for Festa Gracia (I am still keeping the theme a secret remember, so you can guess but.. I’m sure not going toContinue reading “‘Charades’ in Catalana!”

Not all that glitters is ‘Gaudi’..

This is a complete ‘Saturday Mash-up’ from my trip so far! (Just so that no one gets the impression that I am avoiding Gaudi – I’ll share that I have a ticket for Monday morning to see Park Güell, and I am planning on visiting the famous Sagrada Familia once my dear friend Jennifer Perkins arrives on theContinue reading “Not all that glitters is ‘Gaudi’..”

New creative colleagues and friends

Namita and Danielle by Dana Zed I am grateful to JIWAR, the New Brunswick Arts Board  and UNB Graduate Studies for their faith in my work and support of my project here in Spain, but additionally I am particularly grateful for the fact that their support has led me to such wonderful new friendships. The otherContinue reading “New creative colleagues and friends”