T’ill the next adventure..

But first.. (this was just too good to save for myself!) These are bathroom door markers from a cafe we ate at in Sitges. So, back to the subject of my last post about art in the streets (more, and more, and more) of Barcelona.. (I certainly become somewhat of a ‘#Graffitizombie’ over the last threeContinue reading “T’ill the next adventure..”

Not all that glitters is ‘Gaudi’..

This is a complete ‘Saturday Mash-up’ from my trip so far! (Just so that no one gets the impression that I am avoiding Gaudi – I’ll share that I have a ticket for Monday morning to see Park Güell, and I am planning on visiting the famous Sagrada Familia once my dear friend Jennifer Perkins arrives on theContinue reading “Not all that glitters is ‘Gaudi’..”