‘Charades’ in Catalana!

Oh my, I’ve had such a fantastic day today! Most of these photos are pretty self explanatory; we are to the point now of installing the street ‘ceiling’ of sorts on Berga Street for Festa Gracia (I am still keeping the theme a secret remember, so you can guess but.. I’m sure not going toContinue reading “‘Charades’ in Catalana!”

La Festa Gracia (preparing out on the street now, it’s getting so close!)

I am so grateful to Mireia at JIWAR for introducing me to the wonderful community of residents in and around Berga. The sum total of my Spanish language capabilities is “Gracia” (thank you), “Sin bolsa” (‘no bag’ from trips to the grocery store..), “Vale, vale” (‘ok, ok’ you hear this a lot when people are carryingContinue reading “La Festa Gracia (preparing out on the street now, it’s getting so close!)”

The Gracia Embroiderer

As those of you following this blog already know, for my JIWAR residency project I am making decorations for Festa Major de Gracia. Today, I decided to ‘go rogue’ and try my hand at a paper maché figure on my own here at the residency (see here for what I am volunteering with in theContinue reading “The Gracia Embroiderer”

There’s a certain feeling in the air..

The atmosphere is very exciting in Gracia right now. Eleven more days before  the streets are closed and the proclamation is made in front of City Hall (on the 14th) that the decorating can officially begin in the streets!! You can see that the various streets which will soon be adorned in their very ‘best’ areContinue reading “There’s a certain feeling in the air..”