I ‘Just Proposed It’. Now I wait…

THIS MORNING, I got my dissertation proposal in! Whoot! Whooo!   SHE JUST MADE IT. (?) THE FEMINIZATION OF CRAFT IN CONTEMPORARY ART by Danielle C. Hogan Diploma (New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, 1995 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design University, 2000) Masters of Fine Arts (University ofContinue reading “I ‘Just Proposed It’. Now I wait…”

Rosi Braidotti

‘Life’ … is an acquired taste, an addiction like any other, an open-ended project. One has to work at it. Life is passing and we do not own it, we just inhabit it, not unlike a time-share location. (Braidotti, 2013: 133) Rosi Braidotti is an Italian/Australian feminist theorist and  contemporary philosopher. Currently she is aContinue reading “Rosi Braidotti”