Feminist Art Conference – Toronto

More details to come on this work, but here are a few highlights from last evening’s opening at the Ontario College of Art and Design, of FAC2017!   (*And a few images from the Art Gallery of Ontario yesterday afternoon.)

I ‘Just Proposed It’. Now I wait…

THIS MORNING, I got my dissertation proposal in! Whoot! Whooo!   SHE JUST MADE IT. (?) THE FEMINIZATION OF CRAFT IN CONTEMPORARY ART by Danielle C. Hogan Diploma (New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, 1995 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design University, 2000) Masters of Fine Arts (University ofContinue reading “I ‘Just Proposed It’. Now I wait…”

Early Autumn Threads…

Life’s been particularly whirly over the last few weeks: birthdays, new school year, finished Proposal for my dissertation, some sleepless nights, family worries, a music festival, and a “padding” battle thrown in for good measure.. There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change. People wonder about what youContinue reading “Early Autumn Threads…”

The ‘sum total’ of my research..

(If theory, could be a mathematical equation, then the solution to my dissertation question would be as follows..) “The (gender) of the artist matters” Parker & Pollock, (1981). Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology, London, Routledge p.50. + (plus) I work in tapestry primarily for its materiality and its capacity to shift within traditions, to shuttleContinue reading “The ‘sum total’ of my research..”

Extra-Ordinary Art: My family’s ‘making special’

For this post, I want to bring together photos from my family experience of  art – ceremony & ‘making-special’ – with text from theorist Ellen Dissanayake’s paper The Core of Art: Making Special. (This paper, The Core of Art, also appears as chapter 4 in Dissanayake’s book Homo Aestheticus: Where Art Came From and Why.) Published by Free PressContinue reading “Extra-Ordinary Art: My family’s ‘making special’”