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‘It is proper to speak the truth’

My supervisor frequently reminds me to own the many realities of my current situation, and to not take for granted the work/art that goes into making a home and a life (the art of homelife?)… I am/do – try/ing – each day. So many different things occur in every family in the run of aContinue reading “‘It is proper to speak the truth’”

‘Just Making It’ – proposal defence

Phewf! Over this big hurdle. This is what I’ve got so far.. hogan_proposal-defence_013017webcopy (pres. visuals) hogan_oral-research-proposal-presentation_web-ready (written presentation) Thank you to all those who have supported, and continue to support me along this path that I’ve chosen. There are so very many of you that I need to thank, so please understand that I haven’t begun aContinue reading “‘Just Making It’ – proposal defence”

November 9th, 2016

We have a job to do today. Our children do not understand; many of us do not understand here in Canada, in the US, and internationally. As parents many of us talk to our children about why it is not acceptable (especially for someone seeking the presidency of a world superpower) to treat anyone whoContinue reading “November 9th, 2016”

Vancouver Island School of Art (VISA)

It was such an thrill to have the opportunity to present my work this evening at the Vancouver Island School of Art. I feel privileged, as much for the insight I gained from those who shared their personal ideas and experiences of working with ‘soft’ materials – as for the love I experience in being welcomed back toContinue reading “Vancouver Island School of Art (VISA)”

Home Coming!

I can’t explain in words (I plan to show in hugs once I get there!) just how much I am looking forward to seeing friends, colleagues and former students at the Vancouver Island School of Art later this month. Thank you to the entire VISA community for this opportunity to come home. You are a anContinue reading “Home Coming!”