The Gynocratic Art Gallery means a lot to me. It began as an extension of my studio-based doctoral  research, as an Interdisciplinary PhD program at the University of New Brunswick. Two weeks ago The GAG launched a nation wide mail out called Grow The GAG! The mail-out went to many artist-run centers across Canada, as wellContinue reading “#GrowTheGAG”

Embroidered memories..

Over the last two months I have had the good fortune to work on three special embroidery projects. First is a project initiated by a good friend from Victoria BC – Diana Weymar – the second piece was a contribution to the You Are So Very Beautiful (#YRSVB), a Craftivist projects by an idol of mine Betsy Greer and finally, theContinue reading “Embroidered memories..”

Arts Council of Princeton exhibition opening

  Most of these photos are actually from pre-opening interviews, but I’ll share more tomorrow. I think that we are all EXHAUSTED tonight. Such an amazing day! A very sincere thank you to the many people who turned out from Princeton, New York, Philadelphia, and further, for the opening  afternoon . It was really something!  

I (heart) Fiber

To all of my Canadian family, friends and colleagues, As most of you already know, I am rarely in a position of pointing out the correctness of my ‘spelin’..  However in this case, I would like to head you all off at the pass by emphasizing that Every Fiber of My Being is an AMERICAN exhibition, hence (in THISContinue reading “I (heart) Fiber”