In consideration of the west coast ‘fibres’ of my own narrative weave

I took the picture below just off of the coast of Vancouver Island last Monday.  Seeing this  ball-like cloud from the Tsawwassen-to-Swartz Bay ferry felt like a ‘message’ of sorts, confirming that my visit to Victoria was for me (as I was already feeling) an exercise in coming full circle. Ten days ago I left my […]

InSEA World Congress_Thursday_Patricia Piccinini

Our keynote address this morning was by the amazingly intelligent, thoughtful, creative and famous Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. Coffee with new friends Libby and Ruth around Melbourne. @The Little Mule <img src=” sea_thursday-076.jpg” alt=”InSEA_Thursday 076″ width=”560″ height=”389″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1961″ /> @ Little Baba Budan Out on the streets of Melbourne. The famous street […]