Embroidered memories..

Over the last two months I have had the good fortune to work on three special embroidery projects. First is a project initiated by a good friend from Victoria BC – Diana Weymar – the second piece was a contribution to the You Are So Very Beautiful (#YRSVB), a Craftivist projects by an idol of mine Betsy Greer and finally, theContinue reading “Embroidered memories..”

Craftivist work delivered to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery last week.

This craftivist work was inspired by the article Canada’ Galleries Fall Short: The Not-So Great White North from Canadian Art Magazine last April. It looks at the Beaverbrook Art Galleries’ exhibition record since 2013 from the perspective of a binary gender breakdown.

Can you see that this matters to me!?!

In addition to my feminist politics, I am dedicated to the promotion of stronger visual literacy skills. The very deliberate structure of my question, “Can you see that this matters to me?!” is intended to highlight those concerns in two very specific ways. In other words, my question might read “Is my concern regarding theContinue reading “Can you see that this matters to me!?!”


Today I want to express how grateful I am – for so many things. I’m grateful for the arrival of spring, I’m grateful for my loving parents, my healthy children, my loving partner, the privilege of waking up each morning safe and in a country I love, to do work that I also love, inContinue reading “Gratitude”

Mothers making art, and The Maternal in art

This beautiful work, created using media historically though of as ‘craft’ and therefore set apart somehow from the traditional art world,  is by Ontario artist Mary Kroetsch and takes the subject of mothers and daughters. A wonderful piece.  (detail) The following are two brilliant pieces by the late iconic artist Louise Bourgeois. Image no 1 is titled ‘The Woven Child’Continue reading “Mothers making art, and The Maternal in art”