Trimming the triangle.

Here I am, the time has come to trim the triangle (don’t worry, this isn’t a post about Amanda Palmers “Map of Tasmania”, though I do love that song.. A triangle is the shape of my quilt. I have been thinking  a lot today about the woman who first taught me how to properlyContinue reading “Trimming the triangle.”

Soooooo close now!

Well, I’ve been working steadily for weeks now on a “literature review quilt” as a portion of my literature review comprehensive exam, and I am nearing the final steps. As you can see here, I have a “quilt sandwich”. I have finished piecing together the blocks of the top quilt and added all of theContinue reading “Soooooo close now!”

Literature Review Quilt

An important part of my arts-based doctoral research is to partner & compliment making research with more conventional academic written research. I am very fortunate to have Maria Elena Buszek (Associate Professor of Art History in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Colorado Denver Department of Visual Arts) agree to provide myContinue reading “Literature Review Quilt”

‘She Planned the Party’ – new works September 2014

The foundation of my PhD research is studio-based research and over the summer I have been reading many academically reviewed papers, and other published texts such as the UK’s academic Angela McRobbie’s 2009 book The Aftermath of Feminism. These new works below are the product of my need to conceptualize that thinking, and a continual dedication to incorporatingContinue reading “‘She Planned the Party’ – new works September 2014”