A beautiful woman in my life turns 40

My little sister turns 40 today. She is my confidant, the one I can always count on to understand my frustrations, keep my secrets, and celebrate with me my successes. In short, my sister Rian is the very best of what any woman might strive to be as a person, and to hope for in aContinue reading “A beautiful woman in my life turns 40”

The peonies bloomed ON my birthday.

I’m not much for believing in ‘signs’, all the same look what nature ‘crafted’ for me this past Tuesday. I had been waiting for these bulbs to burst open for what seemed like weeks, and they chose June 21st to make their appearance. The anniversary of my birth. I find their  beauty simply intoxicating. I did turnContinue reading “The peonies bloomed ON my birthday.”