“Making (Mum’s 72nd Birthday) Special”

As part of my practice-led research, I am currently investigating the ideas of Ellen Dissanayake (associate professor in the school of Music at the University of Washington) from her text Homo Aestheticus: Where Art Comes From and Why. Dissanayake approaches the origin and purpose of “art” from an anthropological perspective. In this book she asks, […]

Researcher Believes to Have Discovered Fossils* of Women’s Handcrafts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Breaking news out of Canada. January 26, 2015 Researcher/Maker Danielle Hogan has discovered fossils* believed to further validate the longevity, prevalence and historical value of women’s handcrafts. See photos below. *Disclaimer, all “fossils” discovered in Hogan’s oven January 2015.

How to deliver the Literature Review Quilt to my committee members?

As I near the time when my literature review will need to be distributed to my committee members I am faced with the challenge that there though an infinite number of copies may easily be made of the written response to the exam, there exists only one quilt (to be distributed amongst three adjudicators). Even […]