On and on I sew… There has been a delay in my PhD defence at the University of New Brunswick this week. The delay is not one that I expected but, I have great respect for the process and so (sew) I am continuing to work on. The written component of my dissertation was submittedContinue reading “Work-on..”

‘Just Making It’ – proposal defence

Phewf! Over this big hurdle. This is what I’ve got so far.. hogan_proposal-defence_013017webcopy (pres. visuals) hogan_oral-research-proposal-presentation_web-ready (written presentation) Thank you to all those who have supported, and continue to support me along this path that I’ve chosen. There are so very many of you that I need to thank, so please understand that I haven’t begun aContinue reading “‘Just Making It’ – proposal defence”

Vancouver Island School of Art (VISA)

It was such an thrill to have the opportunity to present my work this evening at the Vancouver Island School of Art. I feel privileged, as much for the insight I gained from those who shared their personal ideas and experiences of working with ‘soft’ materials – as for the love I experience in being welcomed back toContinue reading “Vancouver Island School of Art (VISA)”

Getting back on the horse..

Nope. That’s not me. In truth, I have never fallen off a real horse (and that is not because I am good at it, rather it’s because I have never actually ridden a horse). [However folks, I do perform all of my own real-life stunts.] Still, this image exemplifies what I feel must surly have happened toContinue reading “Getting back on the horse..”

Alien She/Me

Working towards a PhD me. Where am I at with my work, is a lot like asking where am I at in my life. That is not to say that I have have (or every will have) the answer to either question, but lately I feel like I’m on to something…   I am uncomfortable/I amContinue reading “Alien She/Me”

New ‘domestic’ watercolour paintings

 This is a little sneak peek of my new series of paintings. They are based on a year’s worth of photographs I’ve taken of the lint from our dryer trap. #WorkingtheDomesticbyHand Not making ‘special’, but perhaps making the ordinary temporarily unordinary?… still thinking on this one. click here to see past work, or here too.