CHANGE is well worth MAKING

I want to be part of making THIS KIND of CHANGE!! Hear hear! May every person’s closet be this well stocked. ‪#‎intersectionality‬ ‪#‎dayofpink‬ ‪#‎stopbullying‬ (*note, I took this screen shot from the web yesterday, and the “I” voice captured is not mine. dh)

New ‘domestic’ watercolour paintings

 This is a little sneak peek of my new series of paintings. They are based on a year’s worth of photographs I’ve taken of the lint from our dryer trap. #WorkingtheDomesticbyHand Not making ‘special’, but perhaps making the ordinary temporarily unordinary?… still thinking on this one. click here to see past work, or here too.

Reaching back to hold the present

My grandmother Ruby Sercerchi was determined, intelligent, gifted and loving. She died of ALS when I was in middle-school. The first thing that I remember her loosing to that ruthless disease was the dexterity required of her hands to practice in her knitting. I have talked about my grandmother before in this blog and mentioned her workContinue reading “Reaching back to hold the present”


I thought that I would share my piece, freshly completed this afternoon, for The Sweetest Little Thing. That’s the 2015 fundraiser for Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre. The silent auction takes place on Valentine’s Day in Sackville New Brunswick, and all works can be viewed ahead of time on line at The Sweetest Little Thing “My Great-Her” 2015 byContinue reading “Great-Her”

A year’s round-up, and a welcome start to 2015!

As is the tradition in our family, I make a Christmas card to send to our family, friends and neighbours which is, typically, a bit humorous and relates in some way to the past year. This year, needless to say, I didn’t get to make the card on time (I finished the written portion of myContinue reading “A year’s round-up, and a welcome start to 2015!”