Here is the video I created as part of my talk for InSEA!

Please note that when the audio concludes at 6 min:39 sec it is from that point on that, in person, I delivered the written portion of my paper while the silent images changed on the screen. It is not a technical error 🙂

InSEA World Congress_Thursday_Patricia Piccinini

Our keynote address this morning was by the amazingly intelligent, thoughtful, creative and famous Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. Coffee with new friends Libby and Ruth around Melbourne. @The Little Mule <img src=” sea_thursday-076.jpg” alt=”InSEA_Thursday 076″ width=”560″ height=”389″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1961″ /> @ Little Baba Budan Out on the streets of Melbourne. The famous streetContinue reading “InSEA World Congress_Thursday_Patricia Piccinini”