Emulating nature’s organic forms: Park Guell

It is so inspiring (and humbling) to realize that all of ‘this‘ came from the imagination of one person.. Antonio Gaudi, gracia. Barcelona is endlessly inspiring! I will be posting some watercolours from the park later tonight.  

Not all that glitters is ‘Gaudi’..

This is a complete ‘Saturday Mash-up’ from my trip so far! (Just so that no one gets the impression that I am avoiding Gaudi – I’ll share that I have a ticket for Monday morning to see Park Güell, and I am planning on visiting the famous Sagrada Familia once my dear friend Jennifer Perkins arrives on theContinue reading “Not all that glitters is ‘Gaudi’..”

Getting to work on my personal project of bunting for Grande Gracia at JIWAR

Last night I began to work on my bunting project for JIWAR. I have been collecting business cards, tourism pamphlets, small maps, etc since I arrived in Spain, with the intention of somehow using them in the banners. On my way to the Berga workshop yesterday, I discovered a little store which sold large round hole punches.Continue reading “Getting to work on my personal project of bunting for Grande Gracia at JIWAR”

Proud ‘bag lady’!

I am touched by the outpouring of support that I have received for these bags of mine, sewn from repurposed-paintings. My community here in NB have gotten behind me as I attempt to earn some extra money for my upcoming residency in Spain. This is significant to me for a number of reasons. First, itContinue reading “Proud ‘bag lady’!”