Researcher Believes to Have Discovered Fossils* of Women’s Handcrafts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Breaking news out of Canada. January 26, 2015 Researcher/Maker Danielle Hogan has discovered fossils* believed to further validate the longevity, prevalence and historical value of women’s handcrafts. See photos below. *Disclaimer, all “fossils” discovered in Hogan’s oven January 2015.

A year’s round-up, and a welcome start to 2015!

As is the tradition in our family, I make a Christmas card to send to our family, friends and neighbours which is, typically, a bit humorous and relates in some way to the past year. This year, needless to say, I didn’t get to make the card on time (I finished the written portion of myContinue reading “A year’s round-up, and a welcome start to 2015!”

YAY! They are off!

Dear Friends, Thank you for your words of encouragement these past months as I have ‘blogged’ my way through the making/writing of my Literature Comprehensive exam ( thanks to you especially Dad! xo). I am happy to report that they (the handmade USB stick packages) have now officially been delivered/mailed! It is my sincerest hopeContinue reading “YAY! They are off!”

Suzanne Lacy’s The Crystal Quilt

As I put the finishing touches on my own Quilted Literature Review, I am sharing this wonderful video (created by the Tate Modern in London) featuring american artist Suzanne Lacy’s eloquent and sensitive quilt-derived performance piece (and its subsequent gallery installation) from 1987, The Crystal Quilt. It has certainly been an inspiration.

Maker Helen Carnac – ‘Taking Time’

This weekend, make some time to just enjoy! Helen Carnac Carnac’s talk as part of the 2013 Norwegian Craft conference. Projects: MAKING A SLOW REVOLUTION TAKING TIME: INTELLIGENT TROUBLE SIDE BY SIDE In this video [below] the artists are actually performing some of the ideas they’ve explored.