Making traditions

Many of you responded so warmly to the quote that I shared yesterday from author Rebecca Parker Payne’s essay from 2012 that I have transcribed it here for you in its entirety.  Making a tribe by Rebecca Parker Payne (The following essay has been retyped, and appears unedited as it first appeared in Kinfolk magazineContinue reading “Making traditions”

The Fortress, down but not over

Made by Hand KNOT by “Anonymous” A huge thank you to Struts & Faucet Gallery and my co-exhibitors Jerry (Jer y) Ropson, and Christine Comeau for the wonderful opportunity to exhibit alongside you. I want to extend a special thank you also those who participated in my recent work in Sackville. I am thrilled with the conversations we had,Continue reading “The Fortress, down but not over”

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

I am currently reading Amanda Palmer’s book ‘The Art of Asking’ (late, late at night… AFTER I have finished working on polishing my literature review. yes…I’m ‘almost’ finished..) Below is the TED Talk that Palmer gave in California in 2013. She is talking specifically about trusting her audience in the music world, but it alsoContinue reading “The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer”

Making Memories!

She’s as cute as a button; her parents are pleased as punch. He’s old as Woody Woodpecker; and we partied like it was  1940. Plus the lovely grandparents, somewhere between their platinum and silver anniversaries! WOW! What a time we’ve just had! I have happy news all around, this past friday we celebrated my step father’sContinue reading “Making Memories!”

A Craftifesto, and a “thank you!”

I am very close to handing in my literature review comprehensive exam! Yay! I want to say a big thank you to all of you for your interest, and to also thank those of you who have been writing me through this blog and lending your support to my research. It means a lot. AlongContinue reading “A Craftifesto, and a “thank you!””