On and on I sew… There has been a delay in my PhD defence at the University of New Brunswick this week. The delay is not one that I expected but, I have great respect for the process and so (sew) I am continuing to work on. The written component of my dissertation was submittedContinue reading “Work-on..”

Weaving my defense.

  If you’re curious, you can see a pdf. of the presentation here: Hogan_Comprehensive Defence presentation_July 7 2016     Wearing my son’s handmade mother’s day gift from last May (heart shaped button pin) and my Christmas gift from my daughter (needle and thread pin) for good luck (and not in the photo, my grandmother’s rubyContinue reading “Weaving my defense.”

He has no idea what a compliment his curiosity was to me..

Yesterday my husband and I had our son all to ourselves for the morning. His sister was at a sleepover at their cousin’s, so we were enjoying some one-on-one time with him over this rainy Sunday morning at home. As one point (I was tidying up in my room) he was sitting at my desk, inContinue reading “He has no idea what a compliment his curiosity was to me..”

The Fortress, ‘From where I Stand’ @ Struts Gallery

Thank you to Struts & Faucet Gallery in Sackville NB for such a fantastic week installing From Where I Stand. It was wonderful tonight to have to opportunity to talk to people about Making, and to learn from each person’s unique perspective and experience – I’m going home tomorrow that much richer for the experience andContinue reading “The Fortress, ‘From where I Stand’ @ Struts Gallery”

Nanny’s (Kay and David’s) Quilt = LOVE

Dear Auntie Kay, thank you so much. I will take the very best care of this quilt that I know how.. xox, Danielle If you would like to read more about the power of quilts/quilting and the creation of culture then I highly recommend the research, “Making Something for Myself”: Women, Quilts, Culture and Feminism by AustralianContinue reading “Nanny’s (Kay and David’s) Quilt = LOVE”