Researcher Believes to Have Discovered Fossils* of Women’s Handcrafts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Breaking news out of Canada. January 26, 2015 Researcher/Maker Danielle Hogan has discovered fossils* believed to further validate the longevity, prevalence and historical value of women’s handcrafts. See photos below. *Disclaimer, all “fossils” discovered in Hogan’s oven January 2015.

My intention is to suggest many evolving narratives within the literature review quilt.

A few months back my mother gifted me two hankies that belonged to my paternal grandmother. One is cream with matching coloured embroidery around the edges, and the second is a light yellow with the same design of embroidery around each side in a lavender colour. For the longest time, I had no idea what […]

This ain’t your momma’s literature review! …but it might look a lot like your grandma’s

I’ve been working really hard the last month on my Literature Comprehensive Exam and I want to share a few photos and thoughts on it. In addition to the more traditional writing for the exam, I have decided that I am making a quilt where each design block will represent – or tell the story […]