Getting to work on my personal project of bunting for Grande Gracia at JIWAR

Last night I began to work on my bunting project for JIWAR. I have been collecting business cards, tourism pamphlets, small maps, etc since I arrived in Spain, with the intention of somehow using them in the banners. On my way to the Berga workshop yesterday, I discovered a little store which sold large round hole punches.Continue reading “Getting to work on my personal project of bunting for Grande Gracia at JIWAR”

Researcher Believes to Have Discovered Fossils* of Women’s Handcrafts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Breaking news out of Canada. January 26, 2015 Researcher/Maker Danielle Hogan has discovered fossils* believed to further validate the longevity, prevalence and historical value of women’s handcrafts. See photos below. *Disclaimer, all “fossils” discovered in Hogan’s oven January 2015.

Doilies invade Lexington Ave.?

This is a photo of the shirt featured on the designer responsible for the recent updates to The Lexington Ave. Hotel in NYC (embarrassingly, I didn’t jot down her name – my apologies to her, and to you). Her renovations are featured in a magazine provided by the hotel my husband and I stayed inContinue reading “Doilies invade Lexington Ave.?”