Lessons learned, plans to re/make, and the most important thing is all ‘wrapped up’.

Mum always taught us to say thank you, and I’m sorry when appropriate. In our little family I’m the birthday rememberer, the gift wrapper, and the note writer as those things matter to me deeply. At least, I thought that I was until yesterday morning. Our youngest came down stairs yesterday morning asking for “a […]

A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Mom

(*the following essay can be found online at:  http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/04/portrait-motherhood-creativity-c-v-r.html) A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Mom: Is domestic life the enemy of creative work? by Kim Brooks The question of what effect domestic life might have on creative work, both in the abstract and in my actual life, first dawned on me 14 […]