A long, hot knit to (the) finish!

While I wait to hear about my dissertation from UNB, I have been spending time with my children at my husband’s family cottage near Fredericton. The weather here is hot and my children are happy that I am no longer married to my computer. We’re playing, “frogging”, swimming, snacking, and I knit on my finalContinue reading “A long, hot knit to (the) finish!”

‘It is proper to speak the truth’

My supervisor frequently reminds me to own the many realities of my current situation, and to not take for granted the work/art that goes into making a home and a life (the art of homelife?)… I am/do – try/ing – each day. So many different things occur in every family in the run of aContinue reading “‘It is proper to speak the truth’”

Knitters from Bolivia collaborating with doctors

A dear friend of mine just shared this amazing story with me today and I needed to share it here. I am again reminded never to take for granted the breadth of potential inherent in many traditional techniques and skills – such as knitting – for helping us to live a better, richer life.    Continue reading “Knitters from Bolivia collaborating with doctors”

CHANGE is well worth MAKING

I want to be part of making THIS KIND of CHANGE!! Hear hear! May every person’s closet be this well stocked. ‪#‎intersectionality‬ ‪#‎dayofpink‬ ‪#‎stopbullying‬ (*note, I took this screen shot from the web yesterday, and the “I” voice captured is not mine. dh)

Making Memories!

She’s as cute as a button; her parents are pleased as punch. He’s old as Woody Woodpecker; and we partied like it was  1940. Plus the lovely grandparents, somewhere between their platinum and silver anniversaries! WOW! What a time we’ve just had! I have happy news all around, this past friday we celebrated my step father’sContinue reading “Making Memories!”