Traditions: Making Special

To the members of my family (to all those whom I have been gifted by blood, and/or by choice) Year after year, may we make this the happiest of seasons for each other. ❤ “We grow up unaware that our yearly routines were sowing and tending traditions. The rituals engulfed and enveloped us, and ourContinue reading “Traditions: Making Special”

Just your average holiday ‘bricoleur’

So as the holidays approach I am (probably like many of you..) ‘running behind’. My dissertation proposal was to be finished six weeks ago, and my Christmas shopping is not anywhere near finished… Any yet, the important things remain in good order: we are healthy, happy (most days!), and together. So, tomorrow night our littleContinue reading “Just your average holiday ‘bricoleur’”

Nithikul Nimkulrat

The link below is to the paper ‘The Role of Documentation in Practice-Led Research’. I can’t tell you what it means to me to find this publication by artist/researcher Nithikul Nimkulrat at this point in my own work. If you are reading this blog because you yourself are engaged in similar creative academic research, IContinue reading “Nithikul Nimkulrat”

Gutters/Selvage/Salvage; or, ‘To Be Honest’..

I may be repeating myself out of insecurity, but the purpose of this blog is not one of navel-gazing per se, but rather to record my research process as I work through my doctoral project (though admittedly the two may appear indistinguishable some days). I have a motive to offer – if, and where possible – anyContinue reading “Gutters/Selvage/Salvage; or, ‘To Be Honest’..”

In Toronto at the TMC

Toronto Last Friday I had the opportunity to see Sheila Hicks‘ work at the Textile Museum of Canada (TMC). Whoot Whoo!! For years I have loved Hicks’ work. She moves with incredible skill and facility between gathering, wrapping, twisting and stacking her materials, on to detailed and traditional modes of weaving with warp and weft. *TheContinue reading “In Toronto at the TMC”

Early Autumn Threads…

Life’s been particularly whirly over the last few weeks: birthdays, new school year, finished Proposal for my dissertation, some sleepless nights, family worries, a music festival, and a “padding” battle thrown in for good measure.. There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change. People wonder about what youContinue reading “Early Autumn Threads…”