Festival Inspire!

This past weekend my family and I had the amazing opportunity to take in some of Moncton NB’s 3rd annual Festival  Inspire (sadly, we missed the decorated bike parade on Friday night!). This brilliant new festival is the brainchild of  co-founders Lisa Griffin and Matthew Kingsley Willison. The festival has a mandate of injecting colourContinue reading “Festival Inspire!”

“I think…”

A month or so ago, I did an interview with Nathalie Sturgeon of the Brunswickan Newspaper. I was reading back over my answers to a couple of the questions that she asked me, and realized that I would like to share them here in my blog. So here goes! NS: Tell me about yourself.  DH:Continue reading ““I think…””

T’ill the next adventure..

But first.. (this was just too good to save for myself!) These are bathroom door markers from a cafe we ate at in Sitges. So, back to the subject of my last post about art in the streets (more, and more, and more) of Barcelona.. (I certainly become somewhat of a ‘#Graffitizombie’ over the last threeContinue reading “T’ill the next adventure..”

The Mediterranean, and ‘fishing’ for Frank Gehry (who is Canadian, not Mediterranean at all!)

Great day today. I finished lots of small paintings in addition to getting to the beach – my ‘happy place’. Hope that your day was great too. Canadian architect Frank Gehry’s piece Peix (fish), commissioned for the Barcelona Olympics. Super Italian artist who works entirely with old bike-parts! Super beautiful areas of Raval and the GothicContinue reading “The Mediterranean, and ‘fishing’ for Frank Gehry (who is Canadian, not Mediterranean at all!)”

New creative colleagues and friends

Namita and Danielle by Dana Zed I am grateful to JIWAR, the New Brunswick Arts Board  and UNB Graduate Studies for their faith in my work and support of my project here in Spain, but additionally I am particularly grateful for the fact that their support has led me to such wonderful new friendships. The otherContinue reading “New creative colleagues and friends”