Sweet marmalade/sweater..

(…thinking about ‘affect’, what it is when it happens – and the colour of marmalade.) Today I also discovered and fell in love with this beautiful, messy, long-form, poem by Canadian poet ‘Alasia’… Alasia Canadian (1997- ) Sep 13, 2016 Star Marmalade Good people and bad things run through meadows and storms hand in hand, theContinue reading “Sweet marmalade/sweater..”

Getting back on the horse..

Nope. That’s not me. In truth, I have never fallen off a real horse (and that is not because I am good at it, rather it’s because I have never actually ridden a horse). [However folks, I do perform all of my own real-life stunts.] Still, this image exemplifies what I feel must surly have happened toContinue reading “Getting back on the horse..”

Extra-Ordinary Art: My family’s ‘making special’

For this post, I want to bring together photos from my family experience of  art – ceremony & ‘making-special’ – with text from theorist Ellen Dissanayake’s paper The Core of Art: Making Special. (This paper, The Core of Art, also appears as chapter 4 in Dissanayake’s book Homo Aestheticus: Where Art Came From and Why.) Published by Free PressContinue reading “Extra-Ordinary Art: My family’s ‘making special’”

Sculls’n Soup

(…c’mon, I didn’t say sculls ‘in’ soup!) I love autumn for the cozy and comforting business of cooking with root vegetables and squash & for the excitement and creativity that comes over our community when making our decorations for Halloween! This is the wreath I just made for our front door. I’m quite excited about having worked-in someContinue reading “Sculls’n Soup”