Universal Declaration of Human Rights Quilt – a craftivist project from Australia

I have been working on this passion-craftivist project since the holidays now… It is my contribution, a quilt square, to the international Craftivist project, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Quilt (#UDHRQuilt), I’ve done Article 29. Below is an image of my Nanny (right), and her dearest sister Betty (left). They were extremely close to oneContinue reading “Universal Declaration of Human Rights Quilt – a craftivist project from Australia”

Feminist Art Conference here we come!

This weekend the Feminist Art Conference will be held in Toronto Ontario Canada, and I am happy to be able to report that ~ THE GYNOCRATIC ART GALLERY WILL be there! My mum has been helping me with our GAG-fortune cookies, which will be available free to those at the conference. We hope that you’ll come pickContinue reading “Feminist Art Conference here we come!”

Damn you..

Damn you World for being the sort of place where I have to look my children in the face, with no words to explain – how?, how someone could ever feel so much hatred in their heart that they could open fire on over a hundred strangers. Damn you World for being a place whereContinue reading “Damn you..”

Angela McRobbie “Post Feminism + Beyond”

Angela McRobbie is a British cultural theorist, feminist and commentator whose work combines the study of popular culture, contemporary media practices and feminism through conceptions of a third-person reflexive gaze. She is a Professor of Communications at Goldsmiths College University, University of London (thank you Wiki for the succinct description). McRobbie’s YouTube talk below can beContinue reading “Angela McRobbie “Post Feminism + Beyond””

Mothers making art, and The Maternal in art

This beautiful work, created using media historically though of as ‘craft’ and therefore set apart somehow from the traditional art world,  is by Ontario artist Mary Kroetsch and takes the subject of mothers and daughters. A wonderful piece.  (detail) The following are two brilliant pieces by the late iconic artist Louise Bourgeois. Image no 1 is titled ‘The Woven Child’Continue reading “Mothers making art, and The Maternal in art”