Just Making It (Visible)

This is a new body of work that I’ve made in clay. It responds to the feminist theorist’s responsibility to fill in the gaps within academic research – to make visible that which has been historically overlooked.   I want to make visible some of ‘the gaps’ the textile research. These piece speak to invisibleContinue reading “Just Making It (Visible)”

Early Autumn Threads…

Life’s been particularly whirly over the last few weeks: birthdays, new school year, finished Proposal for my dissertation, some sleepless nights, family worries, a music festival, and a “padding” battle thrown in for good measure.. There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change. People wonder about what youContinue reading “Early Autumn Threads…”

Embroidery & Textiles from around Barcelona..

Those of you who know me personally had to have been waiting for this post! These are a few of my favourite things.. Rollitoasti Dudua Costuretas Social Club From All You Knit is Love here in the Gothic District of Barcelona.. (I think that I am going to make a large knitting necklace).  


I thought that I would share my piece, freshly completed this afternoon, for The Sweetest Little Thing. That’s the 2015 fundraiser for Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre. The silent auction takes place on Valentine’s Day in Sackville New Brunswick, and all works can be viewed ahead of time on line at The Sweetest Little Thing “My Great-Her” 2015 byContinue reading “Great-Her”