Gutters/Selvage/Salvage; or, ‘To Be Honest’..

I may be repeating myself out of insecurity, but the purpose of this blog is not one of navel-gazing per se, but rather to record my research process as I work through my doctoral project (though admittedly the two may appear indistinguishable some days). I have a motive to offer – if, and where possible – anyContinue reading “Gutters/Selvage/Salvage; or, ‘To Be Honest’..”

Preparing for Fest Major de Gracia – Berga

 (unknown festival photographer) So if you aren’t living in Barcelona, and/or spent time here in late August you might be wondering just what is this Fiesta de Gracia that I am so excited to have the privilege of  helping to “preparing for”..? (*And just before you read on, I need to tell you that nextContinue reading “Preparing for Fest Major de Gracia – Berga”

Literature Review submission: with corrections and updates.

I am so thrilled this week – after a couple of months of work I have completed the revisions from my first literature review exam and put them to post. I need to confess, the deeper I travel into my practice-led research and the more that the pressure of “finishing a doctorate” loom, the more IContinue reading “Literature Review submission: with corrections and updates.”

Can you see that this matters to me!?!

In addition to my feminist politics, I am dedicated to the promotion of stronger visual literacy skills. The very deliberate structure of my question, “Can you see that this matters to me?!” is intended to highlight those concerns in two very specific ways. In other words, my question might read “Is my concern regarding theContinue reading “Can you see that this matters to me!?!”

Educational finer points regarding the “How To..”

I’ve been looking into the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem after watching a lecture they posted recently (by the contemporary craft theorist Glenn Adamson – a thinker whose work I value) and I am struck by exceptional creativity and artistic bravery of the work by their students as well as the extreme relevance,Continue reading “Educational finer points regarding the “How To..””