I found these at a local antique store and plant to use them as part of my holiday decorations in our new home.
Each time I look at these, I can help but think of the women who made each of them – and who they were made for? who taught them to crochet? if they made them for their own homes, where were they intended there?

They are each so different and fascinating.

Doilie garland 1

* Since the time of this posting, my mom has helped me and starched these doilies with sugar (just like she used to do with her crinolines in the 50’s!) and they are now proudly hanging in the windows of my home in a garland snowflake-like manor. I feel proud each time is look at them – I think of it as collaborating with women I know and love – and others I have never met or seen to decorate our home for the holidays!

Here are some pics!
doilies in window 1

doilies in window 2

doilies in window 3

doilies in window 4

doilies in window 5

This is the recipe for the starch as written out for me by my mum Annette Sercerchi.

Weaving December 13th 2013 115

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