Weaving part 3

Wow! Weaving my hand-painted warp with my dye-bath weft. So gratifying, it’s difficult to articulate how interesting a process this has been for me. Weaving represented a real gap in my textiles knowledge base and this final third of the Whole Cloth Experience at NBCCD has been an enriching and truly fruitful experience.
Here is what I came up with, the piece that I was working on initially (photographed in Weaving Part 2 of this blog) was a traditional twill pattern. Here I chose to work with the Walls of Troy pattern, also very traditional.
This is a video that I made of the actual ‘beating’ process (what you call pulling the bar on the loom towards you and setting the string of yarn into the yardage.)

And here are some stills so that the pattern can be seen from above.

This is the weaving repeat that I followed to achieve my selected pattern.
weaving pattern

Weaving December 13th 2013 116

Weaving December 13th 2013 117

Weaving December 13th 2013 118

Weaving December 13th 2013 119

Weaving December 13th 2013 120

Weaving December 13th 2013 121

And the finished scarf!
dye bath for weaving 007

dye bath for weaving 006


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