The Whole Cloth Experience @ NBCCD part 3 – Weaving

1. First step once we had chosen our yarn, was to perform our warp calculations and to string out the correct lengths for the loom. This envolves a complicated series of wraps on a long peg board as you see here.
preparing to string the loom 2

preparing to string the loom 3

preparing to string the loom 4

preparing to string the loom

2. These are photos the hand painting process for what will be my the warp yarn.
Lay it all out on a piece of plastic wrap on the studio table.
3. Mix the dyes.



4. Dab the dye into the yarn with a foam sponge (…more time consuming then you might think!)

5. Wrap the wet, fully painted yarn up in the plastic wrap that it was lying on, and place it in a steamer for 45 min. to an hour. Remove from the plastic bundle and you will see that the combination of the water that was mixed in with the acid dye pigment, and the heat from the steam have set the colour into the yarn.
Gently rinse the wool in a cool bath with a small bit of soap, wring it out by hand and then place it in the washer’s spin cycle before hanging it to air dry in a shady spot.

6. The yarn for my warp! Painted – Washed – Dried & ready to go on the loom – Yaya!
love it

photo yarn



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