Felting with Secondary Structures and Fibres @ NBCCD – part 6 (boots)

February 26th 2014 061

February 26th 2014 060

February 26th 2014 063

February 26th 2014 064

February 26th 2014 065

February 26th 2014 067

February 26th 2014 068

And after a serious felting session in the tub this afternoon, here is the result of my most recent progress.
(The material you see ‘hanging off’ in spots is silk hankies which are added to keep the felted wool from pilling when you wear them. I plan to needle felt those ends into the boots.)
March 3_2014 051

March 3_2014 056

March 3_2014 058

March 3_2014 063

After some help from Denise and Emily last week in class (I WORE the boots and they rubbed and scrubbed the boots with my feet IN them), you can see how much more the silk hankies have been felting down into the wool as there are no more loose, hanging bits of fabric on the boots. They are looking really fantastic! Soon I will be dying them!
Raven construction_March 26th 2014 018

Raven construction_March 26th 2014 017
March 18th 2014 041

March 18th 2014 042

April 9th 2014 013

April 9th 2014 015
Yuck! This colour was supposed to be a chartreuse – it like a decomposing cedar tree (which in actual fact I LOVE – I just didn’t mean to be walking around with them on my feet..)
April 9th (second round) 2014 040
I have died the boots black and ordered bright blue rubber for the souls. I am now experimenting with what sort of a design the soul should have.

Black boots_blue to mid ankle

Black boots_blue Mary Jane bottoms

Black boots_blue bottom cover

Finally bit the bullet and am rubberizing the bottom of my felt boots! (Very appropriate that it SNOWED for me today – April 15th..) Here they are drying below.
April 16th 2014 download 053


April 16th 2014 download 051
Here they are with the sole painted on (next I need to decide on a design of the toe cup and heel strike):
Easter Weekend_2014 093


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