Felting with Secondary Fibres and Structures @ NBCCD_part 2

To provide a taste of what goes into creating three dimensional felted forms, I made the following short video on January 15th at NBCCD. I was working on our second assignment, a small vessel using merino wool, hemp (the twine looking fibre), and a second grey wool fibre.

To felt with secondary fibres basically means to learn to mix other materials with your wool that you are felting to create interesting two dimensional and three dimensional forms. Some such materials are (but are not limited to…): silk, hemp, cotton, any type of hair, bamboo (fibre or reed), lace/ribbon, and the list goes on.

Here is a photographic ‘materials list’:
January 2014 179

January 2014 178

This is olive oil soap (I used a bar made by KISS MY FACE), the soap acts as a lubricant when it comes time to agitate the fibres – this is what felts -or knots- the merino wool fibres together. You grate the bar of soap, add water and let it sit overnight. The following day you add more water and whisk it together. (Yummmy looking, isn’t it!?!)

Felting January 15th 2014 001

*And HOT water, and bubble wrap to agitate the fibres.

Next is a little photo essay that outlines the steps taken to get the fibres to the stage which it exists in the video;

Felting January 15th 2014 002

Felting January 15th 2014 003

Felting January 15th 2014 005

Here, the pile of fibres have been turned over and you can see the plastic circular pattern which guides the size and shape of the vessel being made.

Felting January 15th 2014 006

Here the fibres have been wet down, and the secondary fibres (grey wool, silk, and hemp) have been folded over onto the top of the plastic pattern. At this point the fibres are worked/agitated by hand – and from the centre – to begin the actual felting stage of the process.
Felting January 15th 2014 007

This is the video is a second time, now in its proper place in the felting process:

Here is the form before it was turned inside out to create a more sculpturally challenging form.

Felting January 15th 2014 013

Felting January 15th 2014 012

Felting January 15th 2014 011

Felting January 15th 2014 010

And here it is finished.
Felting January 15th 2014 018

Felting January 15th 2014 020

Felting January 15th 2014 024

Felting January 15th 2014 025


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