Felting with Secondary Fibres and Structures @ NBCCD – part 6 (Raven)

Mood Board created for my Raven character.
Mood Board image_Felting with Secondary Structures_Winter 2014

I also found this image on line the other day and am very inspired by the artist’s crayfish head. I see myself building something equally dramatic for the Raven headpiece.
Crayfish-bw_ideas for felting headpiece

These are some preliminary sketches for the raven costume I am constructing for Felting with Secondary Fibres.

a href=”https://daniellehogan.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/raven-designs_early-sketches.jpg”>raven designs_early sketches

Yesterday I began to build the jodhpurs which will form the base of the costume yesterday (March 26th). Below are some photos of the process of laying the wool down over the paper pattern, wetting it out, and then what it looks like soft-felted with the seams all addressed.
Raven construction_March 26th 2014 012
Raven construction_March 26th 2014 015

Here I am laying down the wool for the front side of the jodhpurs. It will have a flap opening to allow the performer to get into, and out of, the costume.
Raven construction_March 26th 2014 021
The wool is now wet underneath the bubble wrap and I am beginning to slowly felt the wool by rubbing it from the centre. The bubble wrap keeps my finders from disturbing the wool fibres too much which I have layered underneath.
Raven construction_March 26th 2014 024
Here the jodhpurs are soft felted on both sides, except for the seams. I now have to cut the wool open across the top, and bottom of the legs, to get my hands on the inside and delicately felt the seams into the piece so as not to have a line down the sides.
Raven construction_March 26th 2014 027
Here the jodhpurs are soft felted and I am ‘shocking’ the wool by running it under very hot water and then immediately following that with cold water. This opens the pours of the wool fibres (hot) and then closes/knots, or shrinks, them permanently to the fibres adjacent to them (cold)
Raven construction_March 26th 2014 028

Raven construction_March 26th 2014 029
This is the jodhpurs spun out in the washing machine and ready to be sculpted by further, strategic felting by hand on a model.
Raven construction_March 26th 2014 031
This is to show how the white wool which I laid down in the first two layers, comes through the black layer on top. I did this so that I can dye the jodhpurs a deep purple/blue later on and give the costume a blue/black sheen like the coat of a raven.
Raven construction_March 26th 2014 034
colour way _eathers
Felting studio April 2nd 2014 001
Felting studio April 2nd 2014 002
Felting studio April 2nd 2014 004

Felting studio April 2nd 2014 003

April 16th 2014 download 049   April 16th 2014 download 046

Here is my final concept board for the Raven costume I am building.
April 9th (second round) 2014 028

April 9th (second round) 2014 032

April 9th (second round) 2014 031



Here are some images for the creation of the raven headpiece:

April 16th 2014 download 030   April 16th 2014 download 027 April 16th 2014 download 026 April 16th 2014 download 025

April 16th 2014 download 037

April 16th 2014 download 036

April 16th 2014 download 035
 April 16th 2014 download 042



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