Felting with Secondary Fibres and Structures @ NBCCD_part 1

Felting with Secondary Fibres
course with artist/instructor Denise Richard
@ The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

We began the class by learning about acid dyes and how to mix them accurately to achieve a full range of colour. Below is a little photo journaling which I completed during the process of dying my three assigned colours.
My notes:
January 2014 180
The dye:
Acid dye - island blue
Photos of each of the three colours I was responsible for dying:
January 2014 188

January 2014 187

January 2014 186

January 2014 185

January 2014 181

After the wool simmers in the dye-pot for 40 to 60 minutes, it is transferred to a large plastic bucket to sit for 24 hours. Over that time it will absorb any remaining dye particles from the water as it cools off.
January 2014 184

January 2014 183

These are my assigned colours all ‘chill’n’ together on the studio floor.
January 2014 189

The next day the wool is removed from the bucket and gently placed in the dryer where is goes through the spin cycle and it then laid out to dry on a dry rack in the studio.
Felting January 15th 2014 017


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