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Directed by Lisa Anne Ross
Created by Lisa Anne Ross in Collaboration with Visual Artist Danielle Hogan
Performed by Mariana Amero, Kira Chisholm, Naomi McGowan, Sydney Hallett and Lisa Anne Ross
Featuring Videography & Music Composed by Zak Rogers

“Fat. Pig. Dog. Slob. Disgusting animal.”  Line from a movie?  Heck no! Hateful words direct from the mouth of the now president of the United States aimed at his female colleagues.  The astounding results of the American and Ontario elections and subsequent legitimizing of anti-politically correct rhetoric have all contributed to a rise in blatant sexist discourse aimed at both the public and private female form.

PIG is a visual and performance collaboration between visual artist Danielle Hogan and physical theatre artist Lisa Anne Ross that tries to unpack why in our post-feminist world are women still subjected to a steady stream of powerfully sexist denigration?  And more specifically, why are women in positions of power vilified, not for their policy or product, but for their gender.

The resulting collaboration has been a salve to the soul and has produced sparks between collaborators and performers as we attempt to create some ‘beauty from shit’. To explore and celebrate the female form and to use the cesspool of anti-feminist rhetoric as the unlikely fuel to get us there.

PIG uses text, movement, hyper-stylized costumes, visual projections and props to build a saturated visual and physical world that mimics the intensity of the media circus in which sexism is thriving and then to explode that circus and uncover a possible response to ‘HOW can we move forward.’  The answer might be ‘in sequinned panties’.


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