PhD dissertation: ‘JUST MAKING IT: The Stain of Femaffect on Fiber in Art’

click here to read JUST MAKING IT

Fortress – my PhD exhibition at the University of New Brunswick

Filling the Gaps (2017)

ART/SHE – handmade books

Dissertation Covers – containing the written component of my dissertation and mailed to each of my committee members covering the pile of paper.

A Book of Sewing – scraps/ideas

Pride/TheGAG/Trans – installation image from dissertation exhibition


TheGAG, BlackLive, Feminist, HARD, Feminist Artists United – (knit banners)

Bling My Pad (2017)

FullSizeRender 189

The Fortress – an installation


Carved prints and stamps, made over the course of my last two years of research for the Gynocratic Art Gallery.

Femaffect – the celebration

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