Happy Holidays friends!

Ho Hos_2018.001

What a year it has been… Unveiling, as we do annually, our wacky family collage with photos taken in the last 12 months! How ‘sweat’ it is, eh!?

2017 thank you.
This past year has been – first and foremost- full of love for each other and our family & friends; new and old; near and far.
It also brought us some demanding struggles, some immense triumphs, many smiles & giggles, healthy food both made & shared, and it has also left us with some tears. Ultimately though, we are looking back on the year that was with a sense of abundance, gratitude, and hope for all the things that remain to come.
To 2018, we promise to work with our family and friends again – 365 days of this new year – to work at making the world a greener, kinder, more helpful, more thoughtful, more creative, more just place for us all to share.

To you and yours, may you experience peace this season.

Warmest wishes,
Danielle, Jeff, Mikaya and Tate (otherwise known this time of year as “The Ho-Hos”)

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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