Festival Inspire!

This past weekend my family and I had the amazing opportunity to take in some of Moncton NB’s 3rd annual Festival  Inspire (sadly, we missed the decorated bike parade on Friday night!). This brilliant new festival is the brainchild of  co-founders Lisa Griffin and Matthew Kingsley Willison. The festival has a mandate of injecting colour and culture into the city on a lasting basis – each year the organizers commission new artists from around the world to come to the city and create creative, meaningful and eye-popping murals that bring the city to life each July, and delight locals on an ongoing  basis.

Three years ago my father called me to say that we were going on a car tour to find the murals on my next visit to the city – special time with spent with him –  he had been reading about the festival in the newspaper but hadn’t made it downtown to see anything during the week of the live section of the festivities.

I love many things about this new festival. Among them is the live music, the puppets, the paper mâché sculptures (which reminded me of my time in Barcelona for the Festa de Gracia last summer), the vendors, and (of course!) all of the murals – but most of all, I love that this festival presents a reason/opportunity to draw people in to the city’s  core anytime of the year to sleuth around – following their online map – an see the growing collection of murals. It has brought my dad and I down on each of my visits to drive around debating our favourites, based on a shifting list of merits.

Such fun each year!

Brilliant work, and huge kudos to both Lisa and Matthew in addition to all of the Festival Inspire volunteers and sponsors!!

Keep up the great work – every city should be so lucky…

Lisa J. Griffin, MA

Co-founder and Executive Director
of L’Art ici SVP & Festival Inspire 

Matthew Kingsley Williston

Co-founder and Creative Director
of L’Art ici SVP & Festival Inspire 

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

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