To the limit..

We did it! A great night was had by all, thank you to all of our volunteers, and to everyone who came out to support our Trans4fer554 night. Below are images from The GAG’s fundraiser on the 9th at Fredericton’s Wilser’s Room in support of Clinic 554.

FullSizeRender 77I just found this panoramic photo on my phone, which our son must have taken of me at the kitchen sink last week. I spend (just about) all of my time here, or in the dinning room/my office.

This is (almost) the sum total of my days…

These are the people I hope to impress each day…

This is a little side job I did for a dear friend. Drawings of ‘Niagara Market’, their super cool new business in Victoria BC.  (If you are on Vancouver Island be sure to check it out in James Bay!)

These are stunning tissue paper May Baskets that my mum makes us annually – and a painting that, as a result, I gifted back to her this year.


This is my son and his break-dancing teacher after his first public dance performance this month! He and his friends were brilliant and fun!

This is a recent commentary I wrote:

Well damn if I didn’t want to love this exhibition… The latex material has the appeal of a wearable fruit roll-up (how fun!) and the ‘derby girl’ aesthetic (not to mention the actual sport) can be super empowering. And yet still, the show ‘Rubber in 3D’ falls crazy short for me (*note: I missed Pippa’s talk last night and would have appreciated hearing her perspective.) But how can you call an exhibition ‘Rubber in 3D’ in 2017 and not include the slightest nod to safe sex practices?..) There is no critique of the overtly heteronormative mall-lingerie-advertisement style presentation of female sexuality, or any celebration of a healthy diversity of women, and body image (with the possible exception of one green haired ‘derby girl’ model- and even then, the woman is white and relatively slight) and sexual preference. I’m all for lighting things up, but want to see designers today doing so with more responsibility and diversity.
I’m no prude, so maybe it’s just that I’m such a feminist…

This is the soccer association that our daughter plays for. She works her butt off for this game. My husband and I are co-managing her U12 competitive Team this summer..

Screenshot 2017-05-30 12.50.45.png

My dissertation is due to my committee June 14th..

Photo on 2017-05-30 at 12.34 PM

This is me today. And, the grey hair I am acquiring as a direct result of trying to keep on top of all the above…

How are you?

Published by Danielle Hogan

Visual artist, writer, curator, educator

2 thoughts on “To the limit..

  1. Keep up the good work, Danielle. You are beautiful even with the grey. Daniel as well is going grey, I hope it isn’t the thesis!

    1. Thank you Lorna for the encouragement! My heart is with you and Jonathan in Manchester, as well as everyone in the UK these past few weeks. xox
      I hope that things are going well for Daniel with his research also. Mine goes to the committee on the 14th!
      Big hug, D

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